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The Lakeside House in Sydney Review of Books

I’m proud of this new essay in the SRB. It’s about Judith Wright’s time at the Sunshine Coast, new parenthood and environmental anxiety. Its an extract from my forthcoming book Requiem with Yellow Butterflies (UWAP 2019):



“We Want Them Alive” in 1966 Magazine

My long-form travel piece about Mexico has just come out online. It’s about a Day of the Dead pilgrimage to my father-in-law’s hometown during protests about mass disappearances. Thanks to the team at 1966 Magazine in Texas.

“Southern Conversations in SRB”

A new essay has just come out in the Sydney Review of Books:

Felix Calvino’s Lost Galicia

A new essay on Galician-Australian writer, Felix Calvino, has just been published in the Sydney Review of Books:

Such Loneliness in that Gold: María Kodama on Life After Borges

Here is my new essay on Maria Kodama – Jorge Luis Borges’s widow and literary executor – published in the Sydney Review of Books:

Such Loneliness in that Gold:
María Kodama on Life After Borges

Literatures of the South

A new article in the Conversation on the challenges and possibilities of reading Australian, Argentine, and South African literature comparatively.

I wrote this after attending a seminar on “Literatures of the South” at the Universidad Nacional de San Martin in Buenos Aires earlier this year. Thanks to J.M Coetzee, Ivor Indyk, Delia Falconer, Anna Kazumi Stahl, Frida Hessel, and the UQ graduate school for helping make the trip possible:


Essay on García Márquez in Open Letters Monthly

April 17, 2016 will mark the second anniversary of the death of the great Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez. Open Letters Monthly in the US have just published a long-form essay of mine celebrating his writing and exploring the weirdness of how the press and public responded to his death around the world. The personalised frame story strives for approximately the same relationship to events in the world as Gabo’s fiction. The rest is “true” in the conventional sense.

“Requiem with Yellow Butterflies: The World Mourns García Márquez,”can be read here:

Requiem with Yellow Butterflies: The World Mourns García Márquez